Thursday, April 24, 2014

Reflective Post

                                                             Credit to: Nelson Mandela

          Throughout the course of EME 2040, I have learned many things. The many things learned will help my when I become a teacher. In the beginning of the course we have used the website delicious to store the websites that we can refer back to at any time. You can go to this page at any time to refer to something you may have used in the past. Delicious is a great site to store websites.
 I have also learned that it is very helpful and a good way to see your improvement throughout your years. In this course I have created a portfolio. My portfolio I can use for future references for either a job I may apply to or even to see how much I've improved throughout the years.
         I have learned to use the creative commons to use for pictures through copy right usages. I now know how to use the correctly to add photos in any of my materials. Google and flicker are resourceful sites to use to find photos using the creative commons.

      Integrating technology in our classrooms is very important and helpful. There are many sites that can help us teach our students. With the help of internet we can improve our knowledge and interest of our students way much more. Students like to use the internet with their phones, laptops, tablets and other devices, so why not use these to help create an interesting learning environment for them. As a future teacher I will incorporate the use of technology in my class. Power Points and videos are included as well. We can show our students many things through the internet. This may also help students who have various learning styles.
 It is important as a teacher to try and teach students the best way and integrate the learning styles in our lesson plans.
                                                    Credit to: Genius

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